Hi, thanks for dropping in!


I'm Mal Hamilton, a video cameraman and an owner operator with Sony's XDCAM HD PMW350 CineAlta camcorder with a Canon’s widest HD 2/3” zoom lens with doubler.

Based in Sydney, Australia, I've been in the broadcast industry for over 40 years, as a full time studio operator and freelance lighting cameraman.

The XDCAM HD is actually several formats, from Standard Definition (DVCAM) to 3 variations of the XDCAM HD codec, the highest quality being 1920 x 1080 @ 35 Mb/s. It's capable of cache, under / overcranking and time lapse recording in HD mode.

If you're a bit puzzled about this new system check out my XDCAM Pro User Group website. http://www.xdcam.com.aushapeimage_3_link_0